Welcome to hoodoowolf.com

Hoodoo Wolf Studios website will be coming soon. In the meantime, follow @hoodoowolf on twitter, like the FaceBook page at facebook.com/hoodoowolf, and subscribe to the tumblr at hoodoowolf.tumblr.com.

You can see a prototype for a game on our Itch.io page: https://hoodoowolf.itch.io/jeff-in-the-box-prototype 


<iframe frameborder="0" src="https://itch.io/embed/241607?linkback=true&amp;border_width=3&amp;link_color=faa45b" width="556" height="171"><a href="https://hoodoowolf.itch.io/jeff-in-the-box-prototype">Jeff in the Box Prototype by Hoodoo Wolf Studios</a></iframe>